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The Power Of Words


They’re a part of everything we do. They’re ingrained in our everyday lives. So much so, that we may often neglect just how much they are used. Or needed.

We read them, write them, and even create them.

Words are everywhere, and words are powerful.

Words can build us up.

Words can tear us down.

Words can ignite something within us, and just as easily extinguish the flame.

They’re useful for advertising or describing a particular product you’re trying to sell. Writing a letter to a loved one or a get well card to someone who is sick. They give individual’s a written voice through an internet blog (such as this one) or my personal favorite, they’re woven together one sentence at a time until a story is born.

I love the art of taking a single word, one by one, and intricately weaving them together to eventually come to the conclusion of a written story. We have stories being told all around us, day after day. They’re displayed in forms of television shows, movies, magazine articles and books just to name a few.

Words are born from a thought, then one by one pieced together to form a sentence. A sentence then grows to be a paragraph, then grows once more to become a chapter. The culmination of numerous chapters are eventually published into a book. A creative idea formed into words from the beauty of a person’s brain that makes its way onto multiple pieces of paper for us as humans to absorb through reading. We are able to gain access to the creativity of a person’s mind simply by the words they write on a page.

Some stories become bestsellers. Some do not. The opinion from a human’s mind ultimately decides if the creativity produced from another human’s mind is worthy of the world getting to hear their written voice.

Fascinating, right? While millions of voices are able to be heard through the publishing world - some great, some not so great - sadly there are equally as many that will never reach print, whether deserving or not.

Written stories are as powerful as the minds from which they originate. Stories are a derivation of a mind unleashed. We as individuals, through numerous different outlets, are able to gain possession of the many stories around the world through a few simple clicks on a laptop or a drive to the bookstore. Words compiled together to make a story, in our hands, just like that, for our enjoyment or learning.

What if I told you we are provided the same access in gaining possession of a story that was written by a physical hand, but inspired by the spirit? The Holy Spirit to be precise. Words that aren’t thought of solely from a humanistic mind, but God-breathed from the maker of all minds.

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” - 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Not just any story, but the greatest story ever told. A love story in fact. Uncovering the glory of Heaven.

One that contains heartbreak and joy.

Good and evil.

Life and death.

And an abundance of love.

Would you read it? Would you purchase it? Would you accept it as a gift from another? Does the synopsis of the story grab enough of your attention to make you want to open the cover and start reading? As someone who is aspiring to have my own words written and printed on paper, I’ve quickly come to learn that it’s imperative for the author to grab the reader’s attention immediately. Often the first line even. Here’s how the opening sentence of the Bible reads…..

“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” - Genesis 1:1

I’m in!

Intriguing isn’t it? The opening sentence starts with a bang (not the big bang) and gives us a glimpse into the power that lies within the words of the 66 different books.

So much power in the words, yet so little time we spend reading them. We’ll eagerly dive into our favorite genre of book for days or spend hours binge watching a Netflix show, but only give God’s word five to ten minutes a day or even a week, if that. Five to ten minutes may actually be generous.

I’m guilty for sure, and I’d venture to say you are as well to some capacity.

God gave us His word to speak to us, teach us, guide us and train us in righteousness so that we can be equipped. Equipped for the good work He will do through us. Equipped to navigate through the maze that is this world.

It’s probably safe to say that we all use the maps button on our phones fairly often to help guide us to our upcoming destination. For those of us who have put their trust in Jesus, we know the destination and how we’ll end up there. We know what happens when we reach the finish line, but just because we know the ending, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use a guide to help us reach our destination. And for those that haven’t put their trust in Jesus, God’s word is the ultimate resource for any longing questions you may be pondering about faith.

The words in the Bible are given to us from God to be our guide, our inspiration, our hope. The road signs along the interstate guide us to where we can stop for fuel, food, or even to shop. If your car is low on fuel, you’re going to rely on those interstate signs to tell you where the nearest gas station is.

How often does your life feel like it’s running on empty? I’m the same way you glance at your car’s fuel level and are shocked at how low it is, we often don’t realize how quickly life can drain our physical and mental tank close to E.

There is however a readily available fuel source for each and every one of us. God’s word and worship. We’ll leave worship for another blog post, but we often disregard worship just as much as we do reading the Bible. Both simultaneously are the fuel for our weak, empty and burdened hearts.

God’s word acts as the road signs of our life, while also telling us the most beautiful love story ever written. Will you read the words? Will you accept the words for what they are? Truth and love?

I pray that we will all make more time for God’s word. That it would become our main priority amongst the many daily activities we label as high priority. God’s word will transform you, lead you and inspire you, so why would we not read it?

There’s no comparison to the words of the Bible, but the inspiration behind this blog is ultimately to help inspire you in your own journey of faith. Whether it’s a faith looking for growth, a faith in need of renewal, a newfound faith, or a search for something tangible and real to put your faith in, I pray the words written with each blog post will help grow your faith no matter the stage of your journey.

A majority of this writing will be mine, but there will be time’s you’ll see a Deacon give an encouraging word or spotlight something they see in the church, and maybe Pastor Kyle will provide a word or two from time to time. I look forward to interacting with you and I pray these words will bless you and that you’ll join with me as we set out on this journey of faith together.

Love God, Love Others, Serve The World

By: Zach Shaw

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